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Terrorism: Islam, Radical by Nature

In Terrorism on November 7, 2009 by driverpost

Friday November 6, 2009

The reality that Islam is by its very nature and by its findamental teachings a radicalizing religion is an issue of extreme urgency in the United States today.

This reality about Islam’s radical nature makes it a clear and present threat to the national security of the United States and the welfare of the American People. This threat from the radical nature of Islam must be dealt with openly and honestly by the Obama Administration and the American people.

Islam is a religion worldwide that teaches in its central holy book the Koran to kill those whom the Muslim cannot convert, as well as subjugate the Jew and the Christian.

Worldwide Islamic regimes in Arab countries have called for the destruction of the West and especially the United States. This means to the US Citizen you must convert to Islam or be killed in a heinous way. Worldwide almost everyday Islamic terrorists attack and kill US servicemen and women. The Islamic terrorists commit cowardly and suicidal acts of murder against civilians and military combatants alike. Never forget that the terrorist attacks on 911 were perpetrated by Islamists

This is the nature of Islam, the more devout a Muslim becomes the more he is compelled to more closely follow and adhere to Islamic writings such as the Koran and thus the more he becomes indoctrinated with radical, criminal and deadly teachings.

The Muslim is commanded in the text of the Koran to literally kill those who will not convert to Islam. However the Koran does allow for the usurpation of the Jew and the Christian, if they will be slaves to Islamists.

There is an alarming and dangerous correlation here, the more dedicated the Muslim the more dangerous the Islamist.

There is a false premise being propagated in the US and abroad that both the Christian and the Muslim believe in the same basic principles.

This is not true.

And this false premise is a most dangerous lie for the American Public to believe. The Muslim and Christian do not share the same morality. Christianity is predicated upon the love and compassion for the unbeliever, whether they convert or not.

There are Muslims that seek peace among their neighbors around the world, there are moderate Muslim nations, but the radical teachings of the Islamic religion can no longer go without close scrutiny from the US Government and the American people.
If the Obama Administration intends to secure our nation from further terrorist attacks by Muslims then Islam’s radical nature must be addressed.

Another deeply troubling reality exists, the fact that there has been no unequivocal public stand taken against these acts of terrorism in the US or against their perpetrators by the Muslim community, not even for the 911 terrorists attackes, and their silence is telling. The Muslim communty’s lack of a total denouncement of terrorist attacks in the US perpetrated by Muslims is telling indeed for silence is accent.

And that silence is deafening in the ears of Americans. American ears that are still ringing from the horrific echoes of 100 rounds of gunfire heard at FT Hood. Where a US Serviceman, a Muslim, some say radicalized long ago, with ties to the 911 terrorist attacks, committed the heinous murder and wounding of 31 US Servicemen and Women, who were unarmed and defenseless.

The Obama Administration’s policy to apologize to Islamist regimes (who subjugate their own people) for supposed US arrogance toward Arab nations must stop.

Our US Servicemen and Women lay down their lives everyday for freedom throughout the world and it is a dishonor to them for President Obama to apologize for the very life sacrificing service they redender around the world so the US and other free coutries can remain free.

The US is the leader of the free world and should make no apology for upholding freedom and liberty the world-wide.

The Obama Administration’s obvious sympathies for the Muslim community have allowed it to turn a blind eye to the radical nature of Islam. Endeavoring to remain politically correct and continuing to refuse to deal openly and honestly with the radical nature of Islam is a deadly and costly decision for the US Government and the American People.

The cost will continue to be the tragic slaughter of more innocent American lives.

Randy Driver – Driver Post