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Obama’s Death Care

In United States Healthcare on November 2, 2009 by driverpost

Monday November 2, 2009

The Healthcare system in the United States is broken, yes, but it can be fixed. The US Healthcare industry is in dire need of big reform and the freedom of competition in the marketplace.

The current healthcare bill in the United States Congress is not what the American people want. And, it is not hard to know what the American people want; they want an affordable healthcare plan that is about keeping them healthy, period.

The current healthcare bill in Congress is not about keeping people health, it is about keeping only a portion of the population alive. I ask you, will you or your loved ones survive the left’s healthcare reform?

Have you ever wondered why the left are so desperate to seize control of the healthcare system? Look no further than the left’s own ideology.

The left’s ideological aims are based on population control where sterilization, abortion, death panels, care rationing, assisted suicide, race proportioning, etc. are common practices to achieve and maintain their idea of a healthy society.

Again, my question is will you and your loved ones survive their population culling practices?

The first to be culled are Babies in the womb. The government mandating how many children you can conceive. This is nothing less than the legalized murder of your unborn children.

The elderly are the next to be culled. If you get sick and you are close to the end of the bureaucratically decided lifespan, then you will be wheeled off and sedated to death.

Then to the terminally ill, a bureaucrat will have a list of life ending medical conditions and if you or your loved one contracts one of these conditions you will not receive treatment. You get wheeled off and sedated to death.

Also, the elderly and the terminally ill get the option to receive a visit from a Dr. Kevorkian-like quack for an assisted suicide, because it will lower government-run healthcare costs.

On to the race issue, yes it will be absolutely necessary for race proportioning equality for the government to sterilize whole population segments for a while until we can get the proper proportion of the desired races.

When in the near future if the left get their healthcare reform rushed into US law, the US Healthcare system, being totally socialized and bankrupt, will need to implement all these measures of population control to ensure the health of those the bureaucrats in Washington have determined have the most life potential left. And, that life potential range will keep shrinking as health care costs continue to rise.

Will you then stand up and try to oppose theses measures? Will you sacrifice yours or your loved ones’ health care to defend the unborn, elderly, or seriously ill?

Why is the left desperate to take control of the US Healthcare system? Because, the left’s ideological aims can never be attained until they gain full control over the US Presidency and Congress and then in turn take over the US Healthcare System. Currently, the left have control of the US Presidency and most of Congress with a healthcare reform bill half way through the Congress now.

Let the leftist controlled US Administration and Congress pat you on the head and tell you they have your best interests at heart, but these people are far from altruistic, remember they are politicians and bureaucrats consumed with their own ambitions and careers and ideological aims in mind, not your family’s health.

Even now, the left is conducting an ideological war against anyone who would oppose their changes. They have attacked one of the only balanced news networks left in our nation.

Just recently on a major network appearance, Pres Obama before a national audience of millions said, “I don’t care what they think,” referring to the American People, or anyone who opposed his policies. Clearly, the left have no intention of having a government for the people by the people.

Yes reform is needed but the United States Healthcare system while broken can be fixed and turned into an affordable system that will provide healthcare for anyone who wants to purchase it. It is an unnecessary evil to socialize US Healthcare.

If the Left is allowed to socialize the US Healthcare system, adding millions of Americans to its rolls and spending over a trillion dollars on it, by the time conservatives can rend back control of the US Government, it will be near impossible to reverse the destruction. The destruction, because socializing US Healthcare destroys an entire industry in the free market.

The first step to fixing US Healthcare is for the US Government to take big steps in deregulating the US Healthcare industry from a bureaucracy run, heavily regulated third-party payment system to a new patient centered system of consumer choice with real free market competition.

Randy Driver – Driver Post