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December 1, 2009

A recent Rasmussen poll reports that 71% of American voters are angry with the current policies of the federal government.

Anger is a warning sign that something is wrong and the United States of America is an angry nation.

The ire of the American voter should be sending a message to President Obama’s Administration and the members of the United States Congress.

Many people are uncomfortable-intimidated with the expression of anger or they just do not understand its relevance in life.

Anger is what occurs when we sense something has gone wrong and the greater the wrong-the greater the anger.

Anger can be unpleasant and uncomfortable and unsettling, that is of necessity even vital to alert us to wrong doing and danger.  It moves us to action against these wrongs and dangers in this case against the wrongs of an unrepresentative, unaccountable, and elitist federal government moving our nation toward the dangers of socialism.

The American Colonies were founded by angry men and women, who forsook all kindred, lands and nation to sail around the world seeking a new land to pursue social and religious freedom.

The United States of America was founded by angry men and women, who committed their fortunes and lives to wage war against tyranny and to establish a free nation and free society; free to worship God and free to pursue their own destiny.

The United States of America was torn asunder over slavery, where angry men and women north and south fought for the freedom of African-Americans.

The United States of America was forced to face its duplicity, when angry men and women united peacefully in protest until African-Americans were allowed to participate in all areas of society freely.

Many other times in our American history there have been angry men and women committing their fortunes and risking all even to the death to create an even more free nation.

These American men and women were moved to action from an outrage, from anger, from a righteous indignation at government’s lack of justice, morality, equality, and representation.

The majority of American voters are angry, nearly half of Americans are very angry with the policies of the federal government.

The American ire has championed so much for freedom for the United States, the land of the free and home of the brave.

The United States is yet a young nation and not so far removed from its Founding Fathers’ beliefs and self-evident truths.

An indifferent Obama Administration and United States Congress are headed into a ‘Perfect Storm’ of American aggression that will play out in the elections of 2010 and 2012.

The United States of America is an angry nation ready for real change instead of the wrongful radical liberal policies moving toward the dangers of socialism.

Randy Driver – Driver Post


The Threshold

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Conservatives are standing at the threshold of a golden opportunity to usher in a new era of leadership for the Republican Party in the United States.

A wide spectrum of voters make up what is the conservative cause and these Americans have a deep concern for the basic core issues facing the US today.  These issues are bringing the US together right of center.  A strong unity is coalescing in the ranks of conservatives.

If the conservative’s spectrum continues mending its old factions, they will take the reins of the Republican Party in 2010.

However, if these old fractures do remain and deepen, conservatives will splinter again forfeiting the greatest opportunity in decades for real change for the Republican Party and for the US.

The effects of the economic crisis, the radically liberal policies of the Obama Administration, and the disenfranchising Democratic Congress have left US citizens, the majority of which are already right of center, feeling they have no true representation in Washington.

US citizens are angry-fearful-disgruntled-disillusioned with both our government leaders and the political process.  The US as a whole is ripe for real change from a conservative revolution.

There are no other party options in a two-party country; at this time the only viable option is to elect proven conservative candidates to the Republican Party.  Conservative candidates who will bring real change, a morality back to Washington, stability to the economy, and defense for our nation at home and abroad.

There are serious concerns in the conservative camp to be addressed, due to the broad spectrum of conservative voters and they must necessarily lay aside their particular agendas to unite on one conservative platform, the Republican Party platform.  Or, there will be no Republican Party with any real influence for the foreseeable future.

For too long the definite differences in the conservative camps have fractured the conservative cause into wrangling factions with little influence in Washington.  These continual factions have completely weakened conservative influence to the point they are relegated into a minority and near obscurity in Washington.  The ‘Almost Majority’ has been the reoccurring theme in a conservative political nightmare.

There is a tremendous danger looming for conservatives, if the these factions remain or deepen, therefore history will again repeat itself only this time with far more liberal elements taking control of the Republican Party.

The raw power and energy of conservatives being seen in the US is sending a dread into the left.  The left have watched in bewilderment the conservative influence far and wide from the townhall meetings across the nation to the demonstrations at the Capital.

As when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saw the US being drawn into WWII with the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, Churchill celebrated and declared we have just one the war!  His advisors were puzzled at this, he explained to them, that the sleeping giant which was the US at that time had been awakened and it would be fatal for the enemies of the Allied armies.

Just as then, now the US is waking to a giant conservative majority!

Conservatives must unite on the Republican Party platform, family values, anti-abortion, fiscal responsibility, limited government, strong defense, and tax cuts.

Call it a coalition or call it what you will, conservatives must support conservative candidates who are proven in practice and not just propped up with rhetoric.  It is critical that conservatives step forward, not backward to some idealized glory days of the Republican Party.  Conservatives across the US need to step into their future, the future of the Republican Party.  This future can only be captured with a unified conservative spectrum moving forward to deal decisively with the issues facing the US currently.

Some independence is needed on the part of conservatives, they must run their own conservative candidates who will be beholden to none other than the conservative cause and they must support them at every level of government with volunteers to dollars in an unprecedented involvement.

The conservative candidates must focus only on the Republican Party platform and core issues that will continue to unify the conservative cause by 2010 and 2012.  Now is the conservative’s time.  Now is the time for real conservative leadership for the Republican Party and real change for the American people.

Conservatives have a door to a golden opportunity before them, for the sake of the freedom of the future generations of Americans they must step over that threshold in unity.

Randy Driver – Driver Post