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What defines a conservative?

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July 30, 2010

What defines a conservative? Asking that question in Oklahoma these days will elicit a multitude of opinions but most conservative or conservative leaning groups do agree it is about preserving the principles the United States was founded upon and individual freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Most of Oklahoma’s religious and political group’s that identify themselves as conservative or share some of the conservative principles differ on where the primary political focus should reside such as in Biblical morality and family values, rights of the individual, limited government, fiscal responsibility, or a strong military just to name a few.

The recent far left-leaning policy push by the Obama Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress along with President Obama’s espoused view of the US Constitution as a “living document” open to change and interpretation has been met with the emergence of the grass roots rallies such as the Tea Parties and protest at townhall meetings across America which has prompted many to dust off the US Constitution and other founding documents for a fresh reread.

In the wake of the current recession, record federal deficit, and unemployment, Oklahomans who participate in the Tea Party rallies across the state talk about individual freedoms being guaranteed by the Constitution that provide the right to oppose big government and restore it to a more constitutional model.

The Oklahoma Tea Party states on its site that its mission is “To conduct premier rallies to call…all Oklahomans and our elected representatives to restore out of control governments…to governments that are operated according to…principles of our Founders and the limits imposed by our Founding Documents.”

Many religious groups such as the American Family Association (AFA) broadcasting conservative talk shows daily on Oklahoma airwaves also hold that to be a true conservative one must adhere to the principles of our Founding Fathers and the founding documents but which they say starts with Biblical morality which leads to most other conservative principles being upheld successfully as well.

According to the AFA website, the AFA “…stands for traditional family values…reflect(ing) Biblical truth on which…(the US) was founded.…a culture based on Biblical truth best serves the well-being of our country as evidenced by the vision of our forefathers as set forth in the Declaration of Independence.”

Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issue Analysis and host of the “Focal Point” radio program on AFR Talk, says that the single most important conservative principle is that, “Every human being is created in the image of God, and because of this possesses certain inalienable rights that no man and no government has the moral authority to reject, remove or replace. Rights come from the hand of God, not the benevolence of government.”

The Oklahoma Republican Party has had long standing conservative principles established which they say also coincides directly with the Founding Fathers.

In the last 18 months, the GOP has focused on opposing the Obama Administration’s liberal policies meant to deal with the current US domestic and foreign issues. The GOP have countered with their own conservative leaning answers to these issues both nationally and in states like Oklahoma as the anti-big government sentiment within the majority of the American Public builds toward the November elections.

The Oklahoma Republican Party site states a common belief with the Founding Fathers, “…like our nation’s founders, believes that government must be limited so that it never becomes powerful enough to infringe on the rights of individuals.”

“With what is going on nationally and in (Oklahoma) everyone under the Republican tent believes in a limited less intrusive government as the conservative focus for right now,” said Matt Pinnell, Chairman and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Republican Party.

The Libertarian Party has its focus on being the party of the individual and individual rights.

The Libertarian Party states on their site that their “way is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. Each individual has the right to control his or her own body, action, speech, and property. Government’s only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud.”

Angelia O’Dell, Oklahoma Libertarian Party Chair said. “the Libertarian Party does not identify itself as a conservative party.”

“My definition of a conservative would be one who realizes that the US Constitution is a document written to limit the scope and the power of the Federal Government,” said Larry Brittain, past Treasurer of Libertarian Party of Oklahoma and current member.

What defines a conservative? All these principles and much more depending on the individual or group you ask. Most groups do not officially espouse necessarily to be conservatives but do hold views in common with conservative principles.

The answer is as complex as Oklahomans themselves. However, most Oklahomans who call themselves conservatives or lean toward those principles do agree on the need to protect family values, rein in big government, stop deficit spending, protect individual rights, promote the free market, and maintain a strong military which they believe is their right guaranteed by the US Constitution.

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December 1, 2009

A recent Rasmussen poll reports that 71% of American voters are angry with the current policies of the federal government.

Anger is a warning sign that something is wrong and the United States of America is an angry nation.

The ire of the American voter should be sending a message to President Obama’s Administration and the members of the United States Congress.

Many people are uncomfortable-intimidated with the expression of anger or they just do not understand its relevance in life.

Anger is what occurs when we sense something has gone wrong and the greater the wrong-the greater the anger.

Anger can be unpleasant and uncomfortable and unsettling, that is of necessity even vital to alert us to wrong doing and danger.  It moves us to action against these wrongs and dangers in this case against the wrongs of an unrepresentative, unaccountable, and elitist federal government moving our nation toward the dangers of socialism.

The American Colonies were founded by angry men and women, who forsook all kindred, lands and nation to sail around the world seeking a new land to pursue social and religious freedom.

The United States of America was founded by angry men and women, who committed their fortunes and lives to wage war against tyranny and to establish a free nation and free society; free to worship God and free to pursue their own destiny.

The United States of America was torn asunder over slavery, where angry men and women north and south fought for the freedom of African-Americans.

The United States of America was forced to face its duplicity, when angry men and women united peacefully in protest until African-Americans were allowed to participate in all areas of society freely.

Many other times in our American history there have been angry men and women committing their fortunes and risking all even to the death to create an even more free nation.

These American men and women were moved to action from an outrage, from anger, from a righteous indignation at government’s lack of justice, morality, equality, and representation.

The majority of American voters are angry, nearly half of Americans are very angry with the policies of the federal government.

The American ire has championed so much for freedom for the United States, the land of the free and home of the brave.

The United States is yet a young nation and not so far removed from its Founding Fathers’ beliefs and self-evident truths.

An indifferent Obama Administration and United States Congress are headed into a ‘Perfect Storm’ of American aggression that will play out in the elections of 2010 and 2012.

The United States of America is an angry nation ready for real change instead of the wrongful radical liberal policies moving toward the dangers of socialism.

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The Threshold

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Conservatives are standing at the threshold of a golden opportunity to usher in a new era of leadership for the Republican Party in the United States.

A wide spectrum of voters make up what is the conservative cause and these Americans have a deep concern for the basic core issues facing the US today.  These issues are bringing the US together right of center.  A strong unity is coalescing in the ranks of conservatives.

If the conservative’s spectrum continues mending its old factions, they will take the reins of the Republican Party in 2010.

However, if these old fractures do remain and deepen, conservatives will splinter again forfeiting the greatest opportunity in decades for real change for the Republican Party and for the US.

The effects of the economic crisis, the radically liberal policies of the Obama Administration, and the disenfranchising Democratic Congress have left US citizens, the majority of which are already right of center, feeling they have no true representation in Washington.

US citizens are angry-fearful-disgruntled-disillusioned with both our government leaders and the political process.  The US as a whole is ripe for real change from a conservative revolution.

There are no other party options in a two-party country; at this time the only viable option is to elect proven conservative candidates to the Republican Party.  Conservative candidates who will bring real change, a morality back to Washington, stability to the economy, and defense for our nation at home and abroad.

There are serious concerns in the conservative camp to be addressed, due to the broad spectrum of conservative voters and they must necessarily lay aside their particular agendas to unite on one conservative platform, the Republican Party platform.  Or, there will be no Republican Party with any real influence for the foreseeable future.

For too long the definite differences in the conservative camps have fractured the conservative cause into wrangling factions with little influence in Washington.  These continual factions have completely weakened conservative influence to the point they are relegated into a minority and near obscurity in Washington.  The ‘Almost Majority’ has been the reoccurring theme in a conservative political nightmare.

There is a tremendous danger looming for conservatives, if the these factions remain or deepen, therefore history will again repeat itself only this time with far more liberal elements taking control of the Republican Party.

The raw power and energy of conservatives being seen in the US is sending a dread into the left.  The left have watched in bewilderment the conservative influence far and wide from the townhall meetings across the nation to the demonstrations at the Capital.

As when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill saw the US being drawn into WWII with the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, Churchill celebrated and declared we have just one the war!  His advisors were puzzled at this, he explained to them, that the sleeping giant which was the US at that time had been awakened and it would be fatal for the enemies of the Allied armies.

Just as then, now the US is waking to a giant conservative majority!

Conservatives must unite on the Republican Party platform, family values, anti-abortion, fiscal responsibility, limited government, strong defense, and tax cuts.

Call it a coalition or call it what you will, conservatives must support conservative candidates who are proven in practice and not just propped up with rhetoric.  It is critical that conservatives step forward, not backward to some idealized glory days of the Republican Party.  Conservatives across the US need to step into their future, the future of the Republican Party.  This future can only be captured with a unified conservative spectrum moving forward to deal decisively with the issues facing the US currently.

Some independence is needed on the part of conservatives, they must run their own conservative candidates who will be beholden to none other than the conservative cause and they must support them at every level of government with volunteers to dollars in an unprecedented involvement.

The conservative candidates must focus only on the Republican Party platform and core issues that will continue to unify the conservative cause by 2010 and 2012.  Now is the conservative’s time.  Now is the time for real conservative leadership for the Republican Party and real change for the American people.

Conservatives have a door to a golden opportunity before them, for the sake of the freedom of the future generations of Americans they must step over that threshold in unity.

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Terrorism: Islam, Radical by Nature

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Friday November 6, 2009

The reality that Islam is by its very nature and by its findamental teachings a radicalizing religion is an issue of extreme urgency in the United States today.

This reality about Islam’s radical nature makes it a clear and present threat to the national security of the United States and the welfare of the American People. This threat from the radical nature of Islam must be dealt with openly and honestly by the Obama Administration and the American people.

Islam is a religion worldwide that teaches in its central holy book the Koran to kill those whom the Muslim cannot convert, as well as subjugate the Jew and the Christian.

Worldwide Islamic regimes in Arab countries have called for the destruction of the West and especially the United States. This means to the US Citizen you must convert to Islam or be killed in a heinous way. Worldwide almost everyday Islamic terrorists attack and kill US servicemen and women. The Islamic terrorists commit cowardly and suicidal acts of murder against civilians and military combatants alike. Never forget that the terrorist attacks on 911 were perpetrated by Islamists

This is the nature of Islam, the more devout a Muslim becomes the more he is compelled to more closely follow and adhere to Islamic writings such as the Koran and thus the more he becomes indoctrinated with radical, criminal and deadly teachings.

The Muslim is commanded in the text of the Koran to literally kill those who will not convert to Islam. However the Koran does allow for the usurpation of the Jew and the Christian, if they will be slaves to Islamists.

There is an alarming and dangerous correlation here, the more dedicated the Muslim the more dangerous the Islamist.

There is a false premise being propagated in the US and abroad that both the Christian and the Muslim believe in the same basic principles.

This is not true.

And this false premise is a most dangerous lie for the American Public to believe. The Muslim and Christian do not share the same morality. Christianity is predicated upon the love and compassion for the unbeliever, whether they convert or not.

There are Muslims that seek peace among their neighbors around the world, there are moderate Muslim nations, but the radical teachings of the Islamic religion can no longer go without close scrutiny from the US Government and the American people.
If the Obama Administration intends to secure our nation from further terrorist attacks by Muslims then Islam’s radical nature must be addressed.

Another deeply troubling reality exists, the fact that there has been no unequivocal public stand taken against these acts of terrorism in the US or against their perpetrators by the Muslim community, not even for the 911 terrorists attackes, and their silence is telling. The Muslim communty’s lack of a total denouncement of terrorist attacks in the US perpetrated by Muslims is telling indeed for silence is accent.

And that silence is deafening in the ears of Americans. American ears that are still ringing from the horrific echoes of 100 rounds of gunfire heard at FT Hood. Where a US Serviceman, a Muslim, some say radicalized long ago, with ties to the 911 terrorist attacks, committed the heinous murder and wounding of 31 US Servicemen and Women, who were unarmed and defenseless.

The Obama Administration’s policy to apologize to Islamist regimes (who subjugate their own people) for supposed US arrogance toward Arab nations must stop.

Our US Servicemen and Women lay down their lives everyday for freedom throughout the world and it is a dishonor to them for President Obama to apologize for the very life sacrificing service they redender around the world so the US and other free coutries can remain free.

The US is the leader of the free world and should make no apology for upholding freedom and liberty the world-wide.

The Obama Administration’s obvious sympathies for the Muslim community have allowed it to turn a blind eye to the radical nature of Islam. Endeavoring to remain politically correct and continuing to refuse to deal openly and honestly with the radical nature of Islam is a deadly and costly decision for the US Government and the American People.

The cost will continue to be the tragic slaughter of more innocent American lives.

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Is Cap and Trade Dead?

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Tuesday November 3, 2009

More and more the global warming crowd are wising up and fleeing their ranks as it becomes all too clear the earth’s warming hysteria is based on false and deceptive science.  The current climate data show the earth in a cooling cycle of approximately eight years or so depending on whose data you look at.  The real numbers on global warming when taken at their extreme projected effect from carbon emissions shows only about 1/6th that alleged by the likes of Al Gore.  This is in fact within an acceptable range and even beneficial worldwide.

So not only is the science junk but the proposed “Cap and Trade” legislation would have a horrific effect on the US Economy.  For this reason lawmakers have all but killed the bill in Congress with their respective objections.

The Congressional Budgetary Office (CBO) an independent governmental body has announced that “Cap and Trade” will lower US wages and the US Gross Domestic Product.

It is certain “Cap and Trade” would cost the US jobs.  And each supposed “green job” created by government leads to the destruction of other real US jobs while costing millions of US dollars in subsidies in the process.

Stand alone “Cap and Trade” legislation if passed will be the largest tax increase ever seen by the American Public.  That alone has given Congress great pause.  Many of these lawmakers have had townhall meetings in their states and know full well that a vote for “Cap and Trade” means a hard sell to their constituency, who will not forget which way they vote.  That would make their reelection hopes dim at best.

President Obama has endorsed other countries as shining models for ‘green energy’ production, however, when you take a closer look their example is one of heavy subsidy with little or no benefit to the consumer or effect on the environment.

When you compare energy created by coal vs. wind generated energy: for every US Dollar spent on coal-fired energy it takes approximately $148 US Dollars spent on wind generation to produce the same amount of energy.

The bottom line is heavy tax burdens on the American public with a decrease in production of energy while little or no effect on the environment.  And when the money runs out we will be forced back to more stable and reliable energy sources.  Which means the so-called ‘green jobs’ created by government go away with the end of the bankrupt subsidies.

Take a look at the stellar examples that President Obama holds up for us to admire in Germany, Denmark, and Spain.

If we choose to model the US after Germany, the comparative price-hike from government’s “green electricity” would mean an average increase of about 2.2 cents US per kWh to the US consumer.  That is about 19.4% increase in cost for electricity on average to every US household.

The ‘green jobs’ creation would be a debacle for the US as it has been for Spain.  In Spain for every ‘green job’ created there are 2.2 jobs in other sectors that have been destroyed.  Spain’s government spent $758,471 to create each ‘green job’ and used $36 billion in taxpayer dollars to invest in wind, solar, and mini-hydro from 2000-2008.

With all the talk about wind generated power, one would begin to think it is a viable option for the energy market, no so, take a look at Denmark where ‘green energy’ generated by wind power recently met as little as 5% of Denmark’s annual electricity and had a C02 neutral effect.  Also, Denmark’s wind industry would not exist without extensive government subsidies.

These subsidies spent on ‘green energy’ by Germany, Spain, and Denmark alone show that such energy generation is not just grossly unprofitable at its current level of development but having little effect if any on the environment.

In the face of such overwhelming evidence, to push forward hard with “Cap and Trade” legislation is not just unwise by the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress it is grossly unintellectual, we just call it plain stupid.  And, it is fiscally reckless in a time of great economic woes in the US already.

It seems that environmentalists don’t see government expenditure as having a cost.  They employ the same free-lunch fallacy that underpins all the ‘green energy’ subsidies to increase employment.  In college, the first few weeks in an Economics 101 class is dedicated to the problem with free-lunch assumptions. Perhaps the White House and Congress need to take a refresher course.

Remember when the US government spends money on ‘green energy’, it necessarily diverts labor, capital and materials from the private sector that would be used to create real jobs and growth in the US economy.

The “Cap and Trade” legislation would essentially be a mandate for higher energy prices and the destruction of more jobs throughout the process in a time when we are seeing double-digit unemployment in most US States.

“Cap and Trade” legislation would cause consumers to spend less, businesses to spend less as both would be faced with higher energy prices.  Businesses would be forced to make production cuts and reduce labor.  The consumer would definitely see a price hike in consumer goods as a direct result from a hike in energy costs which would spur an increase in production and transportation costs.

Under “Cap and Trade” legislation, businesses faced with higher production costs will be force to move their plants to other countries where costs of operation are cheaper to maintain feasibility and profits for their shareholders.

Everything about “Cap and Trade” legislation means less jobs and higher taxes and prices for the US consumer.

Analysts see the proposed ‘green energy’ economy destroying 1.9 million jobs by 2012 and 2.5 mill by 2035 despite the so-called ‘green jobs’ created.

Remember, ‘green jobs’ are created by the US Government and are not a product of the free market and therefore will not survive without such subsidy since they produce nothing and cannot survive alone in the market place with out government subsidy to prop them up.

In the real world outside of Washington, the US Government subsidizing or mandating ‘green jobs’ will yield fewer overall US jobs and a weaker US Economy.

The notion of  “if you build it they will come” by the Obama Administration, thinking that if somehow the US leads the way in ‘green energy’ the world will follow is laughable to nations such as China and India.  These countries have given little assurance that they would follow suit with the US.  They have only indicated that it would take significant implementation in the US before they would consider undergoing such measures in their own countries.  So when they see the utter futility and economic ruin it causes they will continue to laugh and say “no thanks” to the “Cap and Trade” option while they take advantage of our misfortunes.

Many governments in the world see “Cap and Trade” in the US as an opportunity to move their currency and goods up against the US Dollar and US Goods in the world market place.  They welcome the prospect of the US being relegated to a third world country economy in status and a redistribution of its wealth.

It is clear to all but the global elite and the liberal US administration and Democrats in Congress that “Cap and Trade”, which is predicated upon unfounded scientific evidence, is a dangerous and destructive policy currently for the US economy, especially in these difficult economic times.

In truth “Cap and Trade” is not saving the planet, it is an attempt by some on the left at an ideological overthrow of the US with financial vested interests.

We all want a cleaner and healthier environment.  And the free market will invest in alternative energy when it is feasible to do so without mandates from the government.

Lord Monckton, former senior science advisor to Margaret Thatcher, recently has visited the U.S. to make the US Citizen aware of the evils of the treaty at Copenhagen which would subject the US to a global ‘green dictatorship’.

Lord Monckton, “the Treaty of Copenhagen, negotiated by the UN on climate change (Dec) establishes for the first time a global government.”

He also said, “The UN One World government will transfer wealth from the wealthy countries, i.e. the US, to third world countries as ‘reparation.'”

“This Reparation is for ‘climate debt’ the U.N. believes the US owes the world due to fossil fuels causing ‘manmade global warming’.”

Here we have a British Citizen defending the US, if only we had such loyal and clear thinking members of Congress.

This statement made by Lord Monckton we would do well to heed, “the US is the cradle of freedom, cling to democracy, fight this sinister treaty, remain the beacon of freedom for the world.”  Lord Monckton in interviews throughout the US has said the same for “Cap and Trade”.  It is a destructive and dangerous course for the US.

It is a sad day indeed to see a day in the US where someone from a foreign land would have more regard for our own interests than those in our own government.

Is “Cap and Trade” dead?  Not completely, shot down and wounded in Congress for sure, so keep the pressure on your Senators to finish the job of killing the dangerous and destructive legislation call “Cap and Trade”.

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Obama’s Death Care

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Monday November 2, 2009

The Healthcare system in the United States is broken, yes, but it can be fixed. The US Healthcare industry is in dire need of big reform and the freedom of competition in the marketplace.

The current healthcare bill in the United States Congress is not what the American people want. And, it is not hard to know what the American people want; they want an affordable healthcare plan that is about keeping them healthy, period.

The current healthcare bill in Congress is not about keeping people health, it is about keeping only a portion of the population alive. I ask you, will you or your loved ones survive the left’s healthcare reform?

Have you ever wondered why the left are so desperate to seize control of the healthcare system? Look no further than the left’s own ideology.

The left’s ideological aims are based on population control where sterilization, abortion, death panels, care rationing, assisted suicide, race proportioning, etc. are common practices to achieve and maintain their idea of a healthy society.

Again, my question is will you and your loved ones survive their population culling practices?

The first to be culled are Babies in the womb. The government mandating how many children you can conceive. This is nothing less than the legalized murder of your unborn children.

The elderly are the next to be culled. If you get sick and you are close to the end of the bureaucratically decided lifespan, then you will be wheeled off and sedated to death.

Then to the terminally ill, a bureaucrat will have a list of life ending medical conditions and if you or your loved one contracts one of these conditions you will not receive treatment. You get wheeled off and sedated to death.

Also, the elderly and the terminally ill get the option to receive a visit from a Dr. Kevorkian-like quack for an assisted suicide, because it will lower government-run healthcare costs.

On to the race issue, yes it will be absolutely necessary for race proportioning equality for the government to sterilize whole population segments for a while until we can get the proper proportion of the desired races.

When in the near future if the left get their healthcare reform rushed into US law, the US Healthcare system, being totally socialized and bankrupt, will need to implement all these measures of population control to ensure the health of those the bureaucrats in Washington have determined have the most life potential left. And, that life potential range will keep shrinking as health care costs continue to rise.

Will you then stand up and try to oppose theses measures? Will you sacrifice yours or your loved ones’ health care to defend the unborn, elderly, or seriously ill?

Why is the left desperate to take control of the US Healthcare system? Because, the left’s ideological aims can never be attained until they gain full control over the US Presidency and Congress and then in turn take over the US Healthcare System. Currently, the left have control of the US Presidency and most of Congress with a healthcare reform bill half way through the Congress now.

Let the leftist controlled US Administration and Congress pat you on the head and tell you they have your best interests at heart, but these people are far from altruistic, remember they are politicians and bureaucrats consumed with their own ambitions and careers and ideological aims in mind, not your family’s health.

Even now, the left is conducting an ideological war against anyone who would oppose their changes. They have attacked one of the only balanced news networks left in our nation.

Just recently on a major network appearance, Pres Obama before a national audience of millions said, “I don’t care what they think,” referring to the American People, or anyone who opposed his policies. Clearly, the left have no intention of having a government for the people by the people.

Yes reform is needed but the United States Healthcare system while broken can be fixed and turned into an affordable system that will provide healthcare for anyone who wants to purchase it. It is an unnecessary evil to socialize US Healthcare.

If the Left is allowed to socialize the US Healthcare system, adding millions of Americans to its rolls and spending over a trillion dollars on it, by the time conservatives can rend back control of the US Government, it will be near impossible to reverse the destruction. The destruction, because socializing US Healthcare destroys an entire industry in the free market.

The first step to fixing US Healthcare is for the US Government to take big steps in deregulating the US Healthcare industry from a bureaucracy run, heavily regulated third-party payment system to a new patient centered system of consumer choice with real free market competition.

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